When Cris revealed to me the theme of DREAM’s third issue, “Amulets,” I was crazy about it—mostly because of the ambiguous possibilities of communicating the concept.

At home, I thought about my most precious amulets; and, of course, the fact that I cannot work without my little crystals, various plastics, gauze, and countless fabrics. Sometimes I don’t even use anything, but I carry an amulet in my pocket or in my hand. They give me peace of mind.

Cris and I mounted cool mini-sets comprised of these objects—my amulets—and, in turn, fired through them, creating very colorful and abstract images. The photographs capture the objects as they are meant to be used, but also serve as a good tribute to my toys.

Anyway, I love playing with the light projected through all the plastic and glassy worlds I’ve recycled. For me, there is a certain magic to the light they produce, as one can play with it to create more personal and less realistic images.

Photography by Esperanza Moya
Set Design by Cristina Ramos