This is a story of tradition, culture, superstition, and death seen through different objects (images, amulets and minerals) salvaged and later decontextualized from one of Mexico City’s biggest magic and witchcraft markets. It is a story that also includes a series of images captured by my mother with a disposable camera during a trip from Mexico City to Acapulco for my grandmother’s funeral in February 2018.

This is a trip within the limits of a magical Earth that leads us both to life and death at the same time.

Concept by Noel Quintela
Photography by Noel Quintela & Dulce Mª Hernández
Set Design by Noel Quintela
Objects: Dulce Mª Hernández & Israel Castro Hernández from Mercado de Sonora, Mexico City
Special Thanks: Mom, Mily Hernández, Isra, Alesia, Vicenta Rodríguez Hernández (19/4/1925-22/2/2018) & Cristina Menéndez.