Trinidad Davanzo

POSTURES is about the life of ordinary things end the decontextualisation of them. When you give unusual usage to the elements they acquire a new meaning [and shape] again and again. The project is defined by the creation of compositions and structures through repetition by displaying a pile of paper cups and napkins deprived of their most common functionality to only start seeing how they interact in it-selves. When stacking items, they’re no longer seeing them as one but beginning to be part of a whole. Once decontextualisation was made the aim was to explore their behaviour understanding that the more you pile up elements gravity starts to take action. Movement and the discovery of new possible shapes begin.  So, what happens at that moment? In how many ways can they be manageable?

The ways that consumers interact with a myriad of items each day is complex, so the objective was to increase awareness by “reducing and reusing” the materials to accomplish each composition.


Photography by Mireia Salvia

Set & Concept by Trinidad Davanzo