Dani Fortuny

Dani Fortuny is the new film director introduced to us by Dream magazine through a three minute short film by the name of DREAM-NOW.
It’s about a love story between a boy and a girl in a very unique and different context. Both characters carry with them a magic crystal that gives them extraordinary powers. As the story progresses each one will dominate this object up to the point of disappearing together to another place.

Dani studied at ESCAC (Escola Superior de Cinema i Audiovisuals de Catalunya) in Terrassa and later in Barcelona. He specialized in editing during his intense university period creating several documentary pieces, video clips and a few commercials. From an early age he took interest in the world of images and music. He recorded short pieces with his dad’s video camera with the early intention of recounting his ideas. Nowadays his main goal is to create a feature film. Because of this, in 2017 he will start to write the script and also plans to start shooting.

However, he must reconcile his ideas with his job at the producer STORY WE PRODUCE as a commercials producer. He states that it’s actually impossible to live from film. Luckily, PANDORA WE PRODUCE exists, which is the more creative part of STORY and that supports his rather more personal projects. In fact, the project for DREAM MAGAZINE has been possible thanks to them, since they took care of the total production of the short film. From DREAM a kind of philosophical essay about objects is raised.

Therefore, the part that interests Dani the most is the connection with past times that he establishes with them. His role is maybe rather more nostalgic and human. He considers himself a collector of objects that have marked him in the past. He gives as an example the fact of loving to open a box full of his old Game boy’s cartridges and travelling in time to the past when he used to play with them.

“That connects me to a period of my life that I recall as a very happy one. The ones I use currently have no more than a practical use for me.”

The objects have bestowed several roles and functions. To define them, we appeal to a verb that adjusts perfectly to the human being:  to serve. They serve us to help us, guard us, gift us and keep even our memories. In the story of DREAM-NOW, Dani makes his debut for the first time going ahead a project considering an object a guiding line. What this director is searching is that the object, a magic crystal, takes part in the story as one more character.

“It’s about the main characters evolving by means of it.”

The main character of the story finds it first and later along with her, his love, they learn to dominate its powers at the same time as their relationship.


Interview by Javier Morelope