“Allegation against guns” is a video art piece created especially for Dream Magazine.

When I was asked to create a piece that revolves around an object, I immediately thought of doing it with the gun as the leading figure. A focus that reflects violence in its pure state. It was not only the object, but everything that goes with it: screams, fear, blood and pain.
DEATH. This object that kills you.
This object that represents humanity’s greatest evils.

I used the image of a very embellished gun, with many reflections and lit with a very hard light, peppered with red drops, representing the blood of the victims, which is something very simple and direct that both makes people uncomfortable and invites them to think about the metaphor: WEAPON > LAW OF THE STRONGEST.
Weapons are not going to disappear from the world we live in, just like money and mirrors aren’t going away. But at least it seems interesting to me to create something that attacks the attacker.

I think more and more that in these exaggeratedly brutal times, authors, or those who claim to be authors, are nearly forced to have an opinion, demand rights or criticize the injustices that are lived every day in the world.
I think that we should say it with the creations we make, in one way or another.
And I’m not talking about political art, or maybe so, but critical art, above all. It puts the finger on the problem without claiming anything else.
We aren’t going to change the world, but we are going to reflect very personally, what we see is wrong.
Not keeping our mouths shut. Facing the pain of others. Art that doesn’t leave you indifferent.
And beauty? Of course, and above everything else!

This work was created to reflect my anger caused by Trump’s immigration laws, the extermination of the civil population, and above all, the children in Syria, the deaths of so many people in the ocean trying to reach a better future, and the deaths of so many women in the hands of ruthless men.


Text by Mar Ordonez