When a property of light is suddenly made visible, the rest becomes silent. We enter a ceremonial disposition that invites us to appreciate the physical phenomenon and how it permeates the moment, every time in a different, peculiar way. As if light was a playful and proud entity in space, that took advantage of the rotating earth as the ideal canvas where to exhibit its abilities. Its intensities, its effects and refractions that eventually mix together with the other forms of the atmosphere to collide in one unique spectacle. Seen through our scale and naked eye though, light appears to perform in a more subtle, imperturbable way; moving elegantly from one stone to the other, from one continent to the next, and always transforming those corners in different spaces – with a different color, a different warmth.

This film explores an encounter with light and pays tribute to our analogical interpretation of the world, specifically in the way we experience the things around us, through our physical bodies and our own perception of time. A hand in the light is shown repeatedly throughout the piece. First, as the ancestral shadow projected on the wall of a cave. Then, in an aerodynamic study, as the last vestige of a technological future. The presence of the hand tries to convey the paradoxical idea of our desire to reach and retain that which is ephemeral, unattainable. Thus, the analog film footage acts as the palpable physical material onto which the encounter is captured and ingraved.

Text by Martin Mur