Maya Linhares-Marx

To quieten is taking a breath before going under water. Time and space to hear your own blood rushing around your body.

Dining with friends listening to gossip and stories, the noise drowning you. Day dreams taking you back to under the water away from cutlery scraping on crockery.

Wet muslin dulling down visual noise. Aggressive edges being softened and instantly muted.

This film was lead by a series of still imagery David and I created which were initially inspired by John Galliano’s S/S 1985 catwalk show where beautiful muslin dresses were liberally drenched in water producing a ghostly translucent effect on the human form.

We wanted to explore what happens to hard edge metal objects treated in this same way. Seeing if it gives the same illusion of innocents to aggressive hard edged metal as it does to delicate papery skin.

As the stills came to life and the process of setting the image by draping wet fabrics took David and myself to then explore within film the movement of creating the still life scene itself.

So a film I watched ages ago set my pace for my motion work, its direction and camera movements, and compositions where key to linking my still life and video.


Directed by David Lineton
Set Design by Maya Linhares-Marx
Art Direction by Maya Linhares-Marx and David Lineton